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What?? You’re Telling Me My Business Does Not Have Real Value?

One of the most difficult discussions I have with business owners is when I tell them that my in-depth assessment indicates their business may not have “real” value. After years building a business that provides a great lifestyle, they just cannot believe that someone else would not readily pay to step into their shoes. In […]

The Middle Market CFO: Moving From Functional Excellence to Strategic Partner

Middle Market Chief Financial Officers have a lot on their plate in today’s environment. The increasing regulatory environment, income tax complexity, internal needs for decision/issue analysis, cash flow management, increasing speed of change in the business environment, etc. etc. The focus on the whirlwind of day to day demands can create a mindset and approach […]

My Business is Killing Me!!!

Owning and running a successful business is very rewarding. Seeing the opportunity, taking on the challenge and realizing success. It can be addicting. But, many times as a company grows it gets to the level where daily and weekly problems and issues create substantial obstacles to moving forward. The noise level increases. Leaders feel like […]

Will Your Business Survive Your Eventual Transition? Is it Transferable?

70% to 80% of small and middle market businesses that go to market don’t sell.  Only one third are successfully transitioned to the next generation.  Find out the missing elements.  If you are a business owner in Indiana, take 12 minutes to complete the State of Ownership Readiness Indiana Survey. The survey is completely confidential and […]